F-K Fiber Products supply premium grade high temperature ceramic fibre papers, manufactured using Saffil alumina fibres together with a combination of inorganic and organic binders, providing outstanding temperature stability, purity and chemical resistance.

Saffil is a high purity crystalline alumina fibre, stabilised with silica. It is characterised by it's uniform fibre diameter (2-4 microns) and virtual absence of non-fiberised material.

These papers and felts, produced from Saffil fibres in the carefully controlled production process, maintain these outstanding characteristics ensuring they are soft, flexible and resilient with smooth surfaces.


• Maximum use temperature
1600° C
• Colour
• Density
• Organic Content

Composition After Organic Burn-Out

• Alumina
• Silica
• Other oxides

Standard Sizes (mm)

Paper Code AL-2 AL-4 AL-8 AL-12
Thickness 0.5 1.0 2.0 3.0
Roll Width 550 550 550 550
Roll Length 91000 19000 and 91000 19000 and 46000 19000

Availability - All standard sizes Ex Stock (Other sizes available on request).

Typical Applications

The Company

F-K Fiber Products, established over 30 years ago, has acquired extensive experience of alumina fibre papers in applications up to 1600°C in the ceramics, metal, glass and other industries. The company supplies worldwide and the paper is shipped in export quality cardboard cartons.

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